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Here We Go Productions, LLC was formed to produce the finest music and video.  We believe that quality is the most important ingredient in any production, whether for kids or adults (or the kid in all of us).  

We specialize in working with established artists as well as new talent to help elevate them to the next level.  We also help sell and publicize our products.  We possess an approach that is unique to the music industry. Along with traditional distribution, we also distribute digitally via the internet, and take advantage of our exclusive relationships with major retailers to set-up special promotions and other retail opportunities.  Our involvement with live concert promotions allows us to offer artists a chance to perform live in front of      thousands of fans and potential fans.

Our extensive background in video production can be used both to create music videos as well as behind the scenes documentaries and promotional materials.

If you are interested in working with us and feel you have the talent and drive to make it to the top, then please contact us.

Thank you.

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